Inside the digital transformation of Ukrainian steel

Valeriy Volok, executive director of Ukrainian Steel Special Construction, explained how technology is transforming industrial manufacturing in Europe.

Inside the digital transformation of Ukrainian steel

Speaking through translator Dima Shuval, Valeriy Volok, executive director of Ukrainian Steel Special Construction, talked with TechRepublic's Dan Patterson about digital transformation in Ukraine. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Patterson: Help us understand what the business and the business technology community in Ukraine is like.

Volok, translated by Shuval: It's very important to understand, to answer that. It's very important to understand what is Ukraine and what position it holds on the economical scale from the world perspective, global perspective.

Apart from that Ukraine is one of the betters in the agriculture segment in the world. At the same time Ukraine holds and has a massive huge potential on the one hand in the black metallurgy and on the other hand in the machinery. Ukraine holds the full scale in the black metallurgy. It's like excavation, recycling, refining, all the stages of working with this, with the black metal. And apart of its expert potential, Ukraine was told to do the add value products, to do the high end products on the basis of that.

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Patterson: So, part of your organization is powered by scientific research and you're both a research institution as well as experts in steel and like you said a moment ago the entire turn-key construction process. Can you help us understand how technology powers that industry?

Volok, translated by Shuval: Sorry. He is just saying there is, so basically there is a lot of companies that were build during the Soviet Union times and they still have a lot of potential, a huge, huge potential that is not fully exposed by the country. And he will give a few examples of that: We don't know.

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I'm not sure if he understands the question correctly but I will translate what he said. He said that there are state-owned companies who are still, till now-a-days, who were built and created even the Soviet Union times. They have unique technologies. They have a massive potential and competitiveness in many, many markets and in many, many areas. For example in the building the thermal plants, the nuclear plants. Building the engines for the locomotives. Building the hydro electro stations, so there are very high amp technologies for working with the black metal, so in the heavy industries, in the light industries."

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