Joomla is a dynamic portal engine and content management system available from open source via download from The current version is 1.7, with Joomla 2.5 Beta 1 currently being tested. Joomla is composed of a platform framework with several extensions capable of performing specific tasks, such as component, language, library, module, plugin, and package for example. The Joomla framework has three main layers, including the framework layer at the bottom, which consists of libraries and plugins; the application layer in the middle, which comprises the application itself; and on top is the extension layer, which contains modules, components, and templates.

The following sites were selected for their unique designs, implementation, and inspiration; all are great examples of leveraging the full potential behind the Joomla engine.

Check out the first of 15 examples below, then view the rest in the gallery.

These effective Joomla CMS web implementations include several by design and development expert Bas Boerman from The Netherlands. Here is a list of the websites that I chose:

  1. –
  2. BENG!-
  3. Punkmedia –
  4. BERNAS&CO –
  5. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals –
  6. Itsasnet –
  7. Therapy Review –
  8. Midnight Palace –
  9. Humboldt Bay Coffee Co –
  10. ECO Giggle –
  11. Zone 54 –
  12. Melinda Borbely –
  13. Primary School of Music Warsaw –
  14. Guggenheim –
  15. 4D Sudoku –