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In September 2004, Microsoft released Service Pack
1 for Windows SharePoint Services, a freely available enhancement
for Windows Server 2003. Windows SharePoint Services is not yet a
core component for Windows Server 2003, which is why Microsoft
released a separate service pack.

Windows SharePoint Services SP1 is available
for installation via Windows Update. Or you can also
download SP1 from Microsoft’s Web site

This service pack fixes a number of problems.
For detailed information about the fixes, check out Microsoft
Knowledge Base article 841876
. Windows SharePoint Services SP1
also adds support for larger files on the SharePoint installation,
and it eases the process required to install future hot fixes and
service packs.

If you run Windows SharePoint Services on a Web
farm, you should install the update to all servers running the
application. Microsoft doesn’t support farms of SharePoint servers
that are running different revision levels of the software and
warns that failure to update all servers will result in

For instructions for updating all of the
servers in a Web farm, check out Microsoft
Knowledge Base article 875358