Let me start off by saying thank you for taking my poll. It is apparent that out of 136 votes, 123 (90 %) voted for Linux and 13 (10 %) voted for Windows. Thank you for your opinion.

I have updated the Installation Face Off: Linux or Windows with two additional galleries: Windows Vista and Suse Linux 10. I plan on adding more versions of Linux as I play with different distributions.

Some of the comments I have read are just plain silly such as “Be a man”, “Be honest and stop being so one-eyed”, “you’re crazy”. What is that all about? I firmly stick by my opinion that Windows is easier to install. This blog had nothing to do with how robust the installation of Linux vs Windows is (which is a topic now for another of my blog entries). It was plainly about what installation I felt was easier.

I have added another poll to get your opinion on the Linux vs. Windows Installation for the average user with minimal computer experience.

Furthermore, what other distros besides Xandros, OpenSuse, and Fedora would you like to see in my gallery?