IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO is a large package containing a variety of system utilities “under one roof.”

Note: This review was performed based on a review copy of the software provided by the vendor.


  • Requirements: Windows 2000 or higher, 300MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 30MB drive space
  • Price: $12.97; free version available for noncommercial use
  • Additional Information: Product Web site

Who’s it for?

Advanced SystemCare PRO makes it easy for the home or small office user without an IT department to maintain a computer. For an IT department, it can be a good maintenance system to reduce the need for technicians to fix problems.

What problems does it solve?

Advanced SystemCare rolls a number of useful utilities, such as anti-malware, system speedup optimization, and privacy protection, into one package. By putting this functionality all in one place and setting it up to run on an automatic basis, it will actually be used instead of collecting dust.

Standout features

  • Price: I don’t think that anything comparable exists on the market in this price range, and there is a free version with fewer features for noncommercial use.
  • Comprehensive: Advanced SystemCare really covers all the common bases in system maintenance.
  • Ease of Use: Even if you are not computer-savvy, it is not hard to just let Advanced SystemCare handle things on its own.

What’s wrong?

  • Tools are often separate: In many instances, using a tool launches another application; in some ways, it feels like a tool collection, not a single tool.
  • No central configuration: This is the kind of tool that would benefit from a centralized management console, making life easy for bigger companies with IT departments.

Competitive Products

Bottom line for business

IObit’s Advanced SystemCare PRO is a nice suite of tools. Even if you do not use everything within it, for under $13 it is hard to argue with the price! For home (and other noncommercial use) there is a free version with a number of disabled features. Granted, some of the items (such as defrag and anti-malware) are already built in to Windows or there are plenty of other free options out there. But having it all in one place is really handy, especially since Advanced SystemCare makes it all too easy to automatically run them on a regular basis.

The only major complaint is the lack of centralized management. While a corporate IT department can certainly configure the application as part of their desktop deployment, with as many settings as this application has, a centralized way of managing it (or at least deploying a settings file) would be quite appreciated. That aside, Advanced SystemCare definitely warrants a look for people who need a way to access a set of useful utilities in one place and are considering automating their functions.

User rating

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