Whether your network contains UNIX, Linux, or a combination
of the two, you are likely looking for ways to integrate these systems with
Windows Server. For example, perhaps you need to provide file sharing between
these systems and also provide printer sharing.

An excellent tool for integrating these systems with Windows
Server is Services for UNIX (SFU), an add-on for Windows Server from Microsoft.
For file sharing, SFU includes both server and client components of Network
File System (NFS), as well as a gateway service that enables Windows Server to
act as a gateway between Windows client systems and NFS shares on the network.

In addition to NFS, SFU provides User Name Mapping service
components to provide bi-directional, one-to-one mapping among UNIX UIDs/GIDs and Windows users and groups. Client for NFS and
Gateway for NFS use user name mapping to authenticate and manage access to NFS

For further integration, SFU provides several UNIX utilities
and shells, the capability to run UNIX scripts on Windows Server to simplify
application porting, and Windows-to-UNIX and UNIX-to-Windows password

If you are looking for new tools to integrate UNIX/Linux and
Windows, have a look at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/sfu/default.mspx
to learn more about Services for UNIX, and to download a copy.

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