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Windows Services for
(SFU) is an add-on for Windows 2000 Server that provides
several components to enable integration between Windows systems
and UNIX/Linux systems. One SFU component is the Network File
System (NFS), which provides the Client, Server, and Gateway
components that support file sharing between Windows and UNIX-based

The Client component enables Windows clients to
access files shared on UNIX-based NFS servers. The Server component
displays Windows-hosted shares as NFS file systems, making them
available to NFS clients in both UNIX and Windows environments.

Installing and managing an NFS client on
Windows workstations is one solution to providing access to NFS
shares on a UNIX server, but a better option is to use the Gateway
component of NFS for Windows 2000. The Gateway component enables a
Windows 2000 server to act as a gateway for NFS shares on UNIX

To the client, it appears that the Windows
server is hosting these shares. Because the Windows clients can
access the Windows server without any additional client software,
these clients don’t require NFS client software to access NFS
shares on remote UNIX hosts. Eliminating the need for NFS client
software simplifies network and client management.