Intel has announced its XML software suite, which includes libraries for Java and C++ to improve the performance of several common XML functions, such as parsing, schema validation, and language transformation.

An excerpt from Network Computing:

Although Intel recommends that customers use hardware based its own Core micro-architecture, the suite will work with any 32- or 64-bit x86 chips. Intel’s own performance comparisons are against other software, claiming improvement by a factor of two or better vs. open-source XML libraries included with GNOME and Apache.

Intel’s foray into the software space is seen as a move to gain an edge in the implementation of SOA class software on its platform.

On the Java side, the suite includes a full implementation of the JAXP (Java API for XML Processing), hence it doesn’t  require any rewriting of Java applications. But on the C++ side, there are no such advantages.

The suite will be priced at $499 for developers.