Among the line-up of 10Gb solutions, Intel has unveiled its copper-based NIC (Network Interface Card) at Interop this week. This means that companies planning to expand their network capacity will be able to take advantage of this higher speed without having to make an expensive transition to fiber optics.

Excerpt from InformationWeek:

In supporting the 10GBASE-T standard, the new device provides 328-foot network transmission over CAT 6a cable, as well as 180 feet over CAT 6 cable. The adapter is built for use in servers attached to local area networks or storage area networks

A feature of this hardware is the ability to sort incoming data to the correct software-based virtual machine. Precious processing cycles are saved by performing this in hardware

The NIC is scheduled to ship at the end of May and is expected to cost $999. It includes single and dual port versions, and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and VMware’s ESX. Both 1 GbE and 10GbE operations are supported.