Indian blogger Gautam Ghosh wrote a nice summary of Vint Cerf’s recent talk in Hyderabad, India. For those who don’t remember, Cerf is one of the co-writers of the TCP/IP protocol and a longtime Internet industry veteran. He’s now employed by Google as Chief Internet Evangelist.

Some of the interesting quotes from Cerf’s Hyderabad talk include:

“When Bob and I visualized the Internet we had a simple model in mind, that all computers would be connected to all other computers. That however does not work in commercial terms. Organizations need to have VPNs [and] firewalls and those were not built into the basic architecture of the Internet. If we had to make the Internet today, we would incorporate that into the basic architecture.”

“Broadband is very asymmetrical now. You can download fast but uploading is slower. Therefore video communication through the Internet has not taken off. Users will soon insist on broadband symmetry.”

“I have worked all my life in the infrastructure of the Internet. Now I want to work in the application space.” [Not a surprise, since he now works at Google]

“The Internet is just a tool and not a magic wand to make our troubles go away.”

Read Ghosh’s entire summary here. There’s also an article in The Hindu.