Internet connectivity problems can cost small businesses time, money, and even credibility. Without internet access, some SMBs may not be able to run everyday business tasks. To combat this, on Tuesday, Hughes Network Systems launched HughesNet Internet Continuity Service for small businesses to keep them up and running.

Hughes’ new service will provide small businesses with protection from connectivity losses due to cable, fiber, or DSL outages, according to a press release. The service automatically switches users between satellite broadband and terrestrial internet connection whenever one goes down.

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The release noted that the subscription based service utilizes a Wi-Fi modem, antenna, radio, and a failover router to switch between these connectivity devices automatically. The equipment can be leased or purchased, and will be professionally installed, according to the company.

Connectivity problems seem to be all too common for SMBs: One survey cited in the release found that as many as 90% of businesses experienced unexpected internet down time. One-third of respondents reported these problems happened once a month. Without internet service, SMBs may lack the ability to finish business functions like credit card processing and web services.

“Whether as a result of DSL degradation, equipment malfunction or severe weather, terrestrial Internet outages are commonplace,” Peter Gulla, senior vice president of marketing at Hughes, said in the release. “For small businesses that rely on the Internet, an unexpected outage can hurt their bottom line.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • HughesNet Internet Continuity Service will offer SMBs reliable internet services by preventing downtime.
  • Hughes will implement a variety of internet connectivity devices to automatically switch between each other to keep the devices up and running.