Graphic novels are an old literary form with perhaps the earliest example being William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell, circa 1790, and continuing through numerous permutations to the present day.

Writer Brent V. Friedman and artist/filmmaker Michael DeCourcey’s Afterworld tells the story of Russell Shoemaker, who travels to New York City for a business trip and wakes up to find 99% of humanity missing and technology dead. He begins his journey from New York to his home in Seattle to reach his wife and daughter. Originally planned for 130 episodes, the series has been extended due to viewer demand.

Stephen King's N Stephen King’s N tells the story of a psychiatrist Johnny and his patient, known as “N.” N, severely disturbed with insomnia and obsessive compulsive disorder, tells Johnny about his trip to Ackerman’s Field and the disturbing standing stones set there.

And if you SOMEHOW missed it, Watchmen is only 99 days from release. Ask for the day off NOW!