We’re living in a time when you almost never see a person who doesn’t have a cell phone or Bluetooth device plastered to the side of their head. And texting has become such a common practice that I see millions of people 40 years from now applying for disability benefits for their thumbs. But in the case of job interviews, this common behavior is not acceptable.

I shouldn’t have to say this. I shouldn’t have to tell people not to text or take calls during interviews. You would think even the youngest of job candidates would know not to text a thank you note to an interviewer. But, unfortunately, this behavior does happen.

Some people are on their best behavior during the interview but are busy calling and texting their brains out in the receptionist area before an interview. Good instinct, but be aware that executive assistants are often taking note of a job candidate’s behavior and may interpret your constant use of the PDA as a sign that you’re unfocused or easily distracted, instead of industrious.

Unless you work for the secret service or you’re waiting for a kidney, I think it’s safe to be out of range for a little while.

I’d like to hear from some hiring managers about some of the more egregious behavior they’ve seen while interviewing job candidates.