TechRepublic Out Loud has been a wonderful platform to highlight the TR community and happenings on the site. I’d now like to branch out a bit and include information and interviews with some uber cool people who are also involved in IT. They might not be members of TechRepublic (yet), but they are certainly worth giving due recognition.

The first interview podcast of this sort is with Annalee Newitz, currently the editor of io9 — a blog about science fiction, science, and the future — which is owned by the Gawker Media Network. Annalee has written about technology and science for national magazines and newspapers, such as Wired, Popular Science, New Scientist, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, over the past 10 years. She’s also discussed her work on television, including channels CNN, CBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel.

According to Annalee, “I’m very interested in the social impact of technology and how it changes human life, as well as how it’s going to change technical innovation.”

Listen in as I talk to Annalee about her career as a technology and science writer, get the inside scoop on a few of her recent posts, and find out her opinion about a couple current issues in the tech realm. No IT geek will want to miss this one!

Here are some links to find out more about Annalee:

A few of Annalee’s recent posts at io9: