Introducing Hope Reese, TechRepublic's newest staff writer

You'll be seeing a new byline on TechRepublic. She's an excellent feature writer who will help us cover the technology revolution in all of its exciting new forms.

Hope Reese, TechRepublic Staff Writer
Image: Jason Hiner/TechRepublic

I'm very pleased to introduce a new member of the TechRepublic editorial team whose byline is about to start popping up on a daily basis. Hope Reese has joined the team as a Staff Writer and she will immediately add a lot to our coverage with her experience in both feature writing and interviewing some of the world's best thinkers and innovators.

For TechRepublic, Hope's main beat will be writing for our Innovation channel, covering the most important technologies that are on the horizon and how they will impact business and society. That will include exciting new fields like robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and digital health. Hope will also write about the human impacts of technology, practical tips for the sharing economy, and features for our on-going series "Tech Doing Good."

Because she is a voracious reader and does excellent work interviewing authors, Hope will also be regularly interviewing the writers of the latest and most influential new books in technology and innovation. So, keep an eye out for her book reviews and author interviews.

Hope's work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review, and many other publications. Previously, she was also the co-host of IdeaFestival Radio, where she interviewed tech thought leaders such as Danah Boyd, Jason Fried, and Clive Thompson.

"We are living at a time where technology is increasingly woven into our daily lives," said Hope. "I am excited to explore how these changes impact the way we live and looking forward to working with such talented writers, editors, and thinkers to get to the heart of these stories."

Hope has a master's degree in journalism from the Harvard University Extension School and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Bowdoin College. She previously worked at Harvard's prestigious Nieman Foundation for Journalism.

Hope is originally from New York's Long Island. She is based in the CBS Interactive office in Louisville, Kentucky, where the TechRepublic editorial team has had its headquarters since the original dotcom boom.

You can find Hope on Twitter and Linkedin.

You can read Hope's first article for TechRepublic here:
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And, you'll be able to read many more soon, starting with TechRepublic's coverage of IdeaFestival 2015 this week!