You may have noticed a couple new bylines on TechRepublic in January. Two new journalists have joined the TechRepublic staff and since you’ll be seeing a lot more of their work in the future, it’s only fitting that we give them a proper introduction.

Lyndsey Gilpin

 We’re thrilled to add Lyndsey Gilpin’s experience and talent as a feature writer, since TechRepublic remains a 21st century magazine at its core.

Lyndsey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from the University of Louisville and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, with a specialty in Magazine Writing and Editing. She was also the Editor in Chief of The Louisville Cardinal student newspaper and a Health and Science Reporter at the Medill News Service in Chicago during her time at Northwestern. She has freelanced for STORY Magazine, Industry Dive, and other publications. Lyndsey has a special passion for sustainability, environmental issues, and innovation.

For TechRepublic, Lyndsey will be covering “The People Beat,” writing about creative CIOs, CTOs, startup CEOs and founders, as well as inventors, thought leaders, and other important thinkers in the tech industry. She’ll be a regular contributor to our popular “10 Things” franchise and will write a new series called “Tech Doing Good” calling out the contributions that technology is making to the progress of society. Lyndsey will also be writing in-depth feature stories like the ones we published in January from Steve Ranger and Jo Best.

Here are the articles that Lyndsey has published so far:

You can also find Lyndsey on Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Conner Forrest

 We’re very excited to bring Conner Forrest’s background and passion for startups to TechRepublic and make it a strength of TechRepublic’s coverage.

Conner has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Anthropology from the University of Louisville and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. He served as a Technology Reporter and an Investigative Reporter at the Medill News Service in Chicago as part of his masters degree at Northwestern. He did an internship at the NPR station in Louisville, writing daily news stories. He also did brief internships that involved tech startups and venture capital. Plus, he spent a year working at the Apple Store leading workshops and being berated by tech consumers.

At TechRepublic, Conner has two beats: Startups and Google. He’ll be writing about the most innovative startups that are focusing on the B2B and enterprise markets. He’ll also occasionally be writing about consumer startups that are using technology in interesting ways to deliver innovation. Conner’s other focus will be covering Google from the perspective of what its latest moves mean for businesses and the professionals who use their products to get work done.

Here are the articles that Conner has published so far:

And, you can find Conner on Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.


Conner and Lyndsey are based in the CBS Interactive office in Louisville, where the TechRepublic editorial team has had its headquarters since the original Dotcom Boom. They both had other opportunities, so we’re grateful they chose to join our team. They’re excited to be part of the TechRepublic community of writers and readers, so thank you for joining us in making them feel welcome. Most of all, we can’t wait for Lyndsey and Conner to produce more articles that can help you be more efficient, more informed, and more inspired in the important work that you do every day.