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What good is an open-source platform without a community of developers who can interact with each other and the company via a forum for sharing toolkits, tips, documentations and more?

Intuit, the makers of popular Quicken and Quickbooks software, today announced the out-of-beta launch of, an open-source community where users can share information to enhance SaaS apps via the Intuit Partner Platform, announced last month.

In its blog post, the company said: is next step to developing an open small business ecosystem and we believe that by adopting the open source model for the Intuit Partner Platform, we’re enabling developers to collaborate with us to enhance their applications and the platform and Small businesses will benefit from a better SaaS experience with Web applications that work together and solve real business needs.

The company previously announced Federated Applications, which allows developers to use any programming language, host those apps on any cloud infrastructure and connect them to the IPP, marketing them to the millions of small businesses that use Intuit products.