When you’re troubleshooting problems on a Windows XP system,
it may be helpful to investigate which hotfixes are
installed on the machine. A quick and easy way to do this is with the Add or
Remove Programs tool, which can show you all of the installed hotfixes and allow you to get detailed information on the hotfix.

To determine which hotfixes are
installed on a Windows XP machine, follow these steps:

  1. Access
    the Control Panel from the Start menu and open the Add Or
    Remove Programs tool.
  2. Select
    the Show Updates check box at the top of the Add Or
    Remove Programs interface.
  3. Scroll
    down to the Windows XP – Software Updates section.
  4. Select
    a Hotfix entry that interests you. When the Hotfix entry expands, choose the Click Here For Support Information link.
  5. When
    you see the Support Info dialog box, click the link adjacent to the
    Support Information entry.

Internet Explorer will then launch and connect you to the
specific Knowledge Base article that explains the hotfix
in detail.

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