iOS productivity apps discounted in App Santa promotion

Several dozens apps, including many popular productivity applications, have been discounted up to 80% as part of an annual Christmas promotion. Here's a look at what's available.

iOS apps

Several dozen independent Mac and iOS app developers have partnered up to offer discounts on their apps as part of an annual Christmas promotion called App Santa. The promotion, organized by Realmac Software, encourages users to buy more apps from independent developers, something like the buy local coupon books that are available in some areas.

There are a wide variety of apps available for both the Mac and iOS, with some excellent deals on great apps. If you're in the market for apps in any of these categories, they're almost universally acclaimed and worth a look.

The promotion runs through December 26.

  • Calendars 5 is an easy-to-use calendar and reminders app. iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $7.00.
  • Castro is a powerful podcast app. iOS: $2.00 (USD) - down from $4.00.
  • Clear is a popular ultra-simple to-do list app, available for both Mac and iOS. Syncs to-do's and reminders between platforms. Mac: $6.00 (USD) - down from $10.00; iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • ColorStrokes is a selective color photo editor. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $2.00.
  • Day One is an Apple Design Award-winning journaling app. Mac: $8.00 (USD) - down from $10.00; iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Deliveries is a package tracker, pulling information from many sources, including FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and the Apple Online Store. Mac: $4.00 (USD) - down from $5.00; iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Ember is a screenshot organizing and annotation app meant for designers. Mac: $35.00 (USD) - down from $50.00; iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Drafts 4 is a note-taking and sharing app. iOS: $5.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • FX Photo Studio is a photo editing app with numerous filters and effects. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • Gneo is a calendar and task manager, a 2013 App Store Editor's Choice. iOS: $6.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • Go Couch to 5k is a clean and simple app to help beginning runners. iOS: $2.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Group Text+ is a recently released app that lets you quickly message and share with friends and family. iOS: $2.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • Launch Center Pro is a powerful shortcut creator that can perform complex actions with a single tap. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Manual is a camera app with many manual controls for getting that perfect shot. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $2.00.
  • Mileage Log+ is a slick mileage tracking app for tax and reimbursement purposes. iOS: $5.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • MindNode is a mapping app to help brainstorm and organize ideas and thoughts. Mac: $10.00 (USD) - down from $20.00; iOS: $5.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • Next is a powerful expenses tracker. Mac: $3.00 (USD) - down from $7.00; iPhone: $2.00 (USD) - down from $3.00; iPad: $2.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • PCalc is a powerful calculator app. Mac: $7.00 (USD) - down from $10.00; iOS: $7.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • PDF Expert 5 is a desktop-class app for reading, editing and annotating PDFs. iOS: $7.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • Printer Pro is an app that allows you to print to any Wi-Fi or USB Printer from an iOS device. iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $7.00.
  • Prizmo is a scanning app with built-in optical character recognition for more than 40 languages. Mac: $25.00 (USD) - down from $50.00; iOS: $5.00 (USD) - down from $10.00.
  • Scanner Pro uses the iPhone's camera as a portable scanner. iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $7.00.
  • Screens is a screen sharing and VLC desktop remote access client. Mac: $20.00 (USD) - down from $30.00; iOS: $14.00 (USD) from $20.00.
  • Solar Walk is an app to explore the solar system. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • Soulver is a unique calculator app, of sorts. Mac: $9.00 (USD) - down from $12.00; iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Star Walk HD explore stars, constellations and satellites in real-time. iOS: $1.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • Terminology is a dictionary and thesaurus. iOS: $2.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.
  • TextExpander 3 is an iOS replacement keyboard that allows custom abbreviations to expand into longer bits of text. iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Tweetbot 3 is a popular third-party Twitter client. iOS: $3.00 (USD) - down from $5.00.
  • Windy is a white noise generator with soundscapes recorded in "stereoscopic 3D." iOS: $2.00 (USD) - down from $3.00.

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