The Apple iPhone 4 mania has been building to today’s launch; it has been reported that at least 600,000 people preordered the iPhone 4, and one guy started camping out last week to buy the device.

By now, most people have decided whether they want to buy the iPhone 4, wait (for perhaps Verizon to offer the iPhone?), or pass. When TechRepublic’s Sonja Thompson asked yesterday on our Facebook page if members plan to purchase the iPhone 4, only one person answered that they expect to get the device today.

Please share with the TechRepublic community whether you plan to buy the iPhone 4, you’re still deciding if you will buy the device, or if you are going to skip it. If you’re buying the iPhone 4 today, tell us about your shopping experience, including where you purchased the phone.

Coming soon: Within the next week, TechRepublic will publish a photo gallery of the iPhone 4 cracked open.

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