The CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes hosted an advertisement tonight (Sunday) revealing a June 29 sell date for the iPhone, termed the “Ronco Veg-O-Matic™ for the Internet era” by none less than the New York Times.

The ATT front man for iPhone hinted earlier that Google apps will be available for Apple’s handset. Eric Schmidt of Google hinted at “SMS gone wild” as a good description of the online giant’s pending mobile releases at a Wall Street Journal conference last week, confirmed elsewhere, and sources indicate ATT has a five year exclusive on the iPhone.

To which, one might say, so what?

LG’s stylish Prada (videos here) appears headed to Verizon to satisfy the form-over-function folks. And, given Steve Job’s wafflizing on the subject of third-party apps, the iPhone’s utility may be somewhat pig-in-poke-ish for months.

However, there are other choices, and once you’ve seen this SmartShow YouTube vid showing ten things iPhones can’t do, which smartphones can, y’all may want to consider spending those 26 days to plan what you ought to be buying, besides hype.

Do you buy your mobiles with function, not form, as the leading criteria? What’s important to you when buying your next handset? Join the discussion.