Apple has unveiled iPhone OS 3.0, introducing a number of essential features, including voice recording and cut, copy and paste.

Are you hoping to cash in on the iPhone rage? Aussie developers say you shouldn’t quit your day job to develop iPhone apps.

Linux fans will be happy to know version 2.6.30 of the Linux kernel has been released, promising faster boot time, storage improvements and two new file systems.

Opera has released Unite, a service that turns your browser into a web server, allowing you to host your own information, but it’s been criticised for being insecure.

Firefox 3.5 release candidate is now available for download with the final version expected to be released by the end of the month. Mozilla is working on a number of enhancements for the next version of the browser — 3.6, including a feature called Electrolysis that will help prevent Firefox crashes.

In other news, Microsoft will allow only limited rights to users wishing to downgrade from Windows 7 PCs to Windows XP and Salesforce unleashed a new service called Sites, allowing customers to develop and host websites on its platform.

In feature articles we looked at how to deal with co-workers that irritate you, some handy OpenOffice extensions to increase your productivity, and tips for working smarter with SQL.

Finally, we announced the caption that won Conroy’s red button contest.

–Posted by Lana Kovacevic