iPhone Web development guide released

Apple has released it's Web development guide for iPhone. Is your Web application Safari compatible?

It's going to be a while before we see an iPhone that works with official Apple support but there's no reason why Aussie developers can't get ahead of the curve and be up with their US counterparts.

Apple has just released a Web development guide for the iPhone. Inside the guide are tips on the iPhone's abilities, how to create apps that are optimised for the phone, create mash-ups, and make sure your code works inside the Safari browser.

Probably the most important part for Web developers out there is to make sure your site works with the Webkit engine, which powers the Safari browser. As a Mac user, I currently can't rely on Safari for browsing the Web because some sites just don't work as they should. Unless one enables debug mode for Safari and masks the user agent, in many cases Web sites like online banking simply won't work.

If you’re a potential iPhone developer, then you should go ahead, roll up your sleeves and start developing apps. If not, then you should at least make sure your Web site development efforts work well (or well enough) for the Webkit engine.