Tutorial: How to write an application to grieve for you whenever SMH tells you to.

In the middle of a pandemic of mournstabation, our nations newspapers have being trying to get the edge over the others by delivering more detail, more interviews, more family time etc.

I have no fundamental issue with that.

However, the other morning, whilst perusing SMH (ended up at The Age, but what's the difference except the weather), I found it amusing that they had the audacity to state what the real tragedy of Irwin's death was. The real tragedy is the fact that a girl lost her father.

*cue shock* I've been backing the wrong tragedy!

I thought the loss of an icon, or husband or human being was the tragedy. Luckily I didn't talk to anyone over the past few days about it.

Soon I will add some actual content to this blog (tonight hopefully), but in the meanwhile I feel it's best to express myself through code:

bool smhTellsUsTo = true;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
int irwin = 1;
int grieve = 0;

irwin = 0;

while (smhTellsUsTo == true) {

return 0;

Download the code for this entry here.