This week, I got an email from a TechRepublic member who is thinking about reapplying for a position in his old company now that the reason he left (a bad boss) is no longer there. Here’s the email:

I wasn’t getting along with the manager and an opportunity came up for more money and a promotion. Now the new job isn’t fulfilling on its promises. In addition, I just got word that the manager at my old job has quit, and my old position is still open. This may be a “perfect storm” type of scenario, but is there any special advice to reapplying for an old position, or even to a new position at a company where you have worked before?

If you left your old company on good terms — gave notice and tied up loose ends before you left — there should be no reason why you shouldn’t reapply there. I’m assuming, since you heard about your old manager leaving, that you have maintained contact with your former coworkers. You should definitely talk to them to see what the current atmosphere is like at the workplace and if there are any current political issues you should be aware of going in.

Whatever happens, when and if you interview for your former employer, don’t mention the real reason you left. It may already be apparent, but you don’t want to say anything negative about a former boss to a potential boss.