Apple has acknowledged a particularly harsh bug that has been reported in various forums since September. Apparently, some users who log into their Mac Guest account and then log back into their regular account, find that it is completely empty of data, as if it were a brand new account. Apple says that this case is “extremely rare” and they are working on a fix. It might be rare, but if you’re slack about backups, this might scare you straight — into backing up your data, anyway.

There are some reports from users that say the problem actually goes back to Leopard. I have a Mac at home, but I haven’t upgraded since 10.4 (Tiger). My husband has a Guest Account that he rarely logs into, but we’ve never encountered such a problem. Sometimes, it’s good to be a foot-dragger. I think I’ll wait at least until they sort this one out!

Do you know anyone who has been plagued by this bug? If you’ve already upgraded, how are you getting along with Snow Leopard so far?