There are reports that that the number of identities for

sale on the Web has more than doubled in the short period since the VA data was


One privacy monitoring firm has told reporters that, just in the past few weeks, his organization has seen an increase in

the sale of personal information linked to military addresses and more than a 100% increase

in the personal data for sale in underground criminal chat rooms.

Unbelievably, by this morning some of the major news outlets
have already dropped this story from their main news pages.

Searching on the opening pages of both www.cbsnews.comand showed no mention of
the biggest identity theft in history.

This story has already been pushed to the back
pages! Perhaps when they get some exciting video it will make it back to the main page!

Those who suspect that there is more to this data theft than has been reported may have more than paranoia to go on. Last night I saw news

reports that the unnamed person responsible is not just unnamed, he/she may be in

hiding on the West coast – at least the FBI apparently haven’t been able to

catch up with them to interview them about the incident.