The drop in connectivity prices has been a boon to the mobile worker. No other feature has had a greater impact on workplace mobility, but a new survey suggests that the bigger picture may not be all that perfect.

An excerpt from Ars Technica:

Until now, virtually all of the studies performed on telecommuting have focused on the benefits for employees and their employers.

In-office employees in his study became disappointed at having fewer and weaker relationships. They also got frustrated at a perceived increase in workload and difficulties that telecommuting can present to finishing projects and building strong working relationships.

The survey factors in the holistic effect that telecommuting has on the morale of the team, which ultimately means the effect on non-telecommuters.

More computing in smaller form factors, coupled with the ease of connectivity means more independence for employees. Or does it? It works well for enterprises to brandish telecommuting as a privilege, but in reality it implies more of the employees’ time devoted to the organization. However, that “privilege” may not accrue to all employees alike.

Telecommuting definitely has its green credentials, but from the perspective of the survey, what does the TR community have to say — especially the non-telecommuters?