Leaving the scene with a whimper and not a bang is the most-pervasive operating system ever devised; Microsoft Windows XP. New personal computers will now ship with the Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system Windows Vista. Are you ready for that? More importantly, do you know if you have choices?

Mary-Jo Foley, over on ZDNet, contemplates the potential of Eric Rudder’s mysterious “Midori” project in her blog Goodbye, XP. Hello, Midori. Perhaps Microsoft still has some innovation and software greatness in them.

Of course, the closer iteration of Microsoft operating system is likely to be Windows 7. TechRepublic Executive Editor Jason Hiner tells us what he thinks is going to happen in Prediction: Microsoft will leapfrog Vista, release Windows 7 early, and change its OS business. His thoughts certainly generated some discussion when he posted it in Tech Sanity Check several weeks ago.

My thoughts — I personally have absolutely no problem with Windows Vista. It has been a stable, secure, perfectly satisfactory operating system for me since the original release candidate. My gaming rig dual boots XP and Vista, but I never need XP to run any of my games. And my laptop, after resolving a driver issue with the WiFi card works great — no problems ever.

Now, I know many of you blast Windows Vista, and I am sure some of you actually have legitimate problems, but my personal experience with Vista has been pleasant and productive. If you want to share your pain with us that’s fine, but keep in mind that I have not had any trouble, so be sure to explain your situation fully — perhaps we can troubleshoot it for you.

But no matter what you think, the die has been cast — Windows XP is not the operating system you will have on your next PC — whether it is your personal at-home computer or a new workstation. We are all going to have to get used to that. So, the question is really: How are you going to handle the passing of Windows XP? Are you ready for Windows Vista?