’s admittedly non-scientific recent poll indicates that the number of desktop Linux users has more than doubled since last year. Unsurprisingly, Ubuntu is the favorite distribution. In his discussion of the results, Steven Vaughan-Nichols points out that whatever one may think of the poll’s accuracy, Dell and Lenovo probably aren’t preloading Linux just for kicks.

Further anecdotal evidence for the recent upsurge in Linux users is that — in my previously all-Windows household — there is now a Mac laptop in the family, as well as a dual-booting desktop with Ubuntu installed. I certainly hear from more people who are thinking about Linux as an alternative to their extreme Windows fatigue. Is it because no one wants to drop hundreds of dollars on complicated software any more when there are iPhones, Blu-Ray players, and plasma TVs to buy? I just think it’s interesting that more home users seem to be considering Linux even while their workplaces are still Windows-bound. Is it possible that the long-awaited, always-on-the-horizon Linux revolution may arrive not via the Geeks, but by consumers worn out by Microsoft?

Not to mention, this may finally be the year for the Chicago Cubs! (Somehow, that just seems to fit.)