Is your boss wearing their pjs, or perhaps less?

Next time you are on your phone to your boss and they are at home, best probably not to wonder what their attire is.

Some interesting survey results appeared in my inbox today -- take these stats and the associated mental images as you will, but we thought that they were worth it. Next time you are on your phone to your boss and they are at home, it is probably best not to wonder what their attire is.

Why you ask?

Survey Stat #1
18% of Australian participants work from home in their pyjamas vs. 6% of US participants.

Survey Stat #2
Have you ever participated in a conference call wearing a bathrobe (or less)?

Yes, often2.00%
Yes, several times6.60%
Yes, once or twice15.50%
No, never75.90%

I can't help but think that the bathrobe wearing 24% and the pj wearing 18% are somehow linked.

More disturbing though, is the response to the question:
"If you could have any famous voice read your email / text messages to you while driving, whose voice would you want?"

First up, is it really that safe do be concentrating on communications when you are driving? Would the responses be different if they weren't driving?

Secondly, these responses... well, just take a look:

Sean Connery 33.70%
Other 25.70%
John Cleese 18.50%
Angelina Jolie 13.50%
Darth Vader 9.90%
Jack Nicholson 7.80%
Borat 6.40%
Lauren Bacall 6.20%
Pamela Anderson 3.10%
Jessica Simpson 3.60%
Britney Spears 2.70%
Donald Trump 2.40%
Muhammad Ali 2.20%
Simon Cowell 1.90%
Margaret Thatcher 1.70%
Julia Child 0.80%

At number five comes Darth Vader, the biggest bad boy in cinema history who happens to sound like air brakes. And this guy is reading your mail, while you are driving?!
"Luke, Obi Wan never told you what I did to your Inbox". I'll pass thanks.

Similar logic applies for trying to listen to Jack "You can't handle your mail" Nicholson or Borat.

Then the real eye opener occurs. Who are the 1.7% of Australian respondents who wanted Margaret Thatcher to read to them?

Why do I think that these are the same people who do conference calls in bathrobes?

Posted by Chris Duckett