Mobile computing is on the brink of an explosion of users, and Mobile Device Management is estimated to grow to a $20 billion per year industry by 2013. The issue is how to manage all of the smart phones, PDAs, ultraportables, and other highly mobile computing platforms effectively and efficiently. Timothy Chou, a former Oracle executive, believes that once mobile computing devices become more ubiquitous, they could increase the number of Web transactions from Google’s 200 million per day to billions per day, as people access what he calls the “deep Web.”

“The deep Web is about 10,000 times the surface Web,” Chou said. He’s referring to the amount of data buried inside corporate networks, as opposed to the “surface” Web accessible by Google’s search engine, estimated at about 100 terabytes.

Mega-growth forecast for mobile device management (TelecomTV)

Mobile computing still dancing around the cloud (

Motorola has now joined Cisco, Intel Capital, and Texas Instruments in investing in a technology for creating a virtual machine on a small device, abstracting the hardware, and allowing far more code to be reused. IBM is on board with mobile devices, having launched an initiative that will “make a mobile device an even easier to use than the PC, allowing you to do everything you can with a PC and much more.” Even music companies are embracing the mobile device movement as Sony BMG and Nokia have joined forces to create a device that will have unlimited access to Sony’s music catalog for a year.

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Mobile computing is still in its infancy in the United States, but it will become a huge part of the business world over the next few years. There will be a number of issues to address including bandwidth limitations, privacy policies, and infrastructure upgrades. Is your network ready for the mobile device explosion?