NBC is getting ready to test the infrastructure of your network whether you like it or not. They plan to provide 2,200 hours of streaming video of the upcoming Olympic games, enabling viewers to watch their favorite sports at their leisure. Unfortunately, much of that leisure time will be during work hours and a lot of that video will be streamed over your network. In addition, even if your company limits or eliminates streaming video, you are likely to be affected by all the other people who use your ISP.

NBC sees Olympics as research mecca (USAToday.com)

All this comes at a time when video is already consuming more bandwidth than all other types of traffic combined. Some ISPs have gone so far as to throttle P2P traffic, while Comcast and Time Warner are exploring ways to throttle down the bandwidth usage of the “hogs” on their networks. Some colleges and universities have a taste of better bandwidth through Internet 2 or National LambdaRail, two networks competing to be the next step in the evolution of our beloved Internet.

ISPs prepare for video revolution (News.com)

Colleges closer to link with network (Arkansas Democrat)

I am not concerned about the network at my place of business, partly because we have so much bandwidth, but also because we will be one of the first places on the next generation networks as a primary portal. Unfortunately, not everyone works in education, which gets early, discounted access to bandwidth. How are you planning on dealing with the video deluge?