IBM has announced that it will be making software development kits available to ISVs (independent software vendors) worldwide who choose to use the new Tivoli Autonomic Monitoring Engine.

The kits are part of 20 new products that Robert LeBlanc, general manager of Tivoli software, announced at its Planet Tivoli conference in New Orleans.

Tivoli’s autonomic monitoring engine is designed to allow developers and ISVs to embed autonomic capabilities into their applications. IBM claims that this will reduce development time and cost, with the engine also containing “self-healing” technology that allows systems to automatically recover from critical situations.

Carl Kessler, who is responsible for development of all products at Tivoli software, told ZDNet Australia  that ISVs worldwide played an integral role in its business.

“I think it’s a breakthrough for the developer community–to be able to develop products that they can reasonably say will heal themselves, self-identify problems, self-cure problems right out of the box by embedding that autonomic engine technology,” Kessler said.

In addition to the software development kits, IBM also announced a partner initiative to identify, recruit and support partners in the development of autonomic systems.

This includes access to the company’s technology and resources for product validation and testing, technical consultations with IBM architects for implementing autonomic capibilites, and participation in autonomic computing educational events.

Brendon Chase attended the IBM DeveloperWorks Live conference in New Orleans as a guest of IBM.