In July, the US IT sector experienced the best month for industry growth so far in 2018, with an estimated 14,500 jobs added that month alone, according to a Friday report from CompTIA.

So far this year, the IT industry workforce has expanded by an estimated 71,800 jobs, the report noted.

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Of the 71,800 jobs, 70% of them fell into the IT services and custom software development categories.

In July, IT services, custom software development, and computer system design were in the top three sectors that experienced the most growth, the report found.

The IT occupation continues to be one of the lowest industries for unemployment, at 1.9% in July, and the amount of available positions is expected to keep growing. According to the report, the number of job postings in technology increased to more than 300,000 in July–well over January’s 150,000.

The number of companies looking for tech talent cover most of the economy, including technology, consulting, financial service, retail, healthcare, and defense, CompTIA senior vice president of research and market intelligence Tim Herbert said in a press release.

“For tech employment, there is a lot to like in this month’s jobs report,” Herbert said in the release. “The July numbers align to show continuing tech employment momentum heading into the second half of the year.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A new report from CompTIA reveals that July generated the largest amount of tech jobs this year.
  • Of these, the sectors that received the most were IT services, custom software development, and computer system design.