As we look back at the IT Consultant blog in 2009, the topics that generated the most interest featured tips on staying organized, removing viruses, writing resumes, and determining when it’s time to fire a client. Here are the top five posts of 2009.

18 maxims of successful IT consulting

To celebrate his 18th anniversary as an IT consultant, Chip Camden is sharing 18 lessons he’s picked up over the years. After you read his pearls of wisdom, post your favorite consulting one-liners in the discussion.

The absentminded IT consultant: How to stay focused and organized

Chip Camden, a self-proclaimed absentminded IT consultant, shares a few secrets to his success. He offers tips on how to get focused and reveals which app has helped him stay organized.

Five step process for removing viruses and spyware from client machines

IT consultants must regularly remove stubborn, often regenerative and corrupting spyware and viruses from client machines. Erik Eckel shares his preferred strategy for quickly returning systems to stable operation.

Five resume tips for IT consultants

Writing a resume that grabs a prospective client’s attention and gets you an interview requires quite a bit of thought. See what five elements of good writing IT consultants should remember when they’re putting their accomplishments in print.

Eight reasons why it’s time to fire a client

No IT consultant ever wants to tell a client, “You’re fired.” However, sometimes the relationship reaches a point where that is your best course of action. Chip Camden outlines eight scenarios that may lead you to terminate a client relationship.

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