IT consultant Marty R. Milette, who has been a TechRepublic member since January 2000 and is a frequent poster in this blog, is profiled in our latest TR Member Spotlight. From his site profile page: Marty has been in IT for 27 years; he has completed more than 40 Microsoft Certified Professional exams; he is a Canadian who commutes between Russia and the United Kingdom every couple of weeks; and he spent 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in electronics, instruction, IT, and flight simulation.

In the TR Member Spotlight podcast, he talks to TechRepublic Senior Editor Sonja Thompson about his background in IT, his thoughts about the balance of knowledge/skills/experience, his experiences with offshore outsourcing, and more. These are some of the highlights of the interview:

Memorable assignment that was not very glamorous: One of his assignments with the military was teaching in Kosovo and living in a shipping container.
Favorite IT role: His current one, in which he’s designing large SharePoint systems.
Regarding offshore outsourcing: He discusses his thoughts about when offshore outsourcing might be beneficial to a company.
Most satisfying project: Systems he redesigned a year and a half ago for a major UK government system that is served by millions of people.
What’s next: It has nothing to do with IT — his dream is to set up a flying school in Russia.

Learn more about this IT pro by listening to the podcast. Member boxfiddler is absolutely right when she states in the discussion that “It’s always nice to put a voice to an avatar.”