This is usually when most of us try to take a few well-earned vacation days to savor the end of summer. Perhaps you were away when we ran an article about the IT job market or offered tips on your project proposals.

In case you were, we’re giving you a second chance. Take a look at August’s top five articles in IT Consultant Republic, as determined by pageviews.

IT jobs
Whether you’re an IT consultant or not, your career would probably be much rosier if the demand for IT services was more robust. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Sure, but that tunnel might be a little longer than you think. “When will the demand for IT consultants bounce back?” details results from a recent survey conducted by the Information Technology Association of America.

Project planning
Regardless of how well you’re prepared for a project, your clients will always have questions. After all, it’s their money you’re proposing to spend. To give your clients the best understanding of a project and its effect on their organizations, prepare your projects using our downloadable proposal template. We’ve created one based on what developers and project managers use at TechRepublic. So far, nearly 10,000 TechRepublic members have downloaded the tool.

Almost as surely as your client’s assistant will offer you coffee when you arrive, your client will eventually ask “What’s the return on investment for this project?” We’ve created an estimated ROI research and calculation tool that can help you explain the long-term benefits of your projects.

Bidding on projects
Accurate project bids allow you to complete your project on time and your client to stick to the budget. But if you’ve miscalculated your bid, it’s time to take action: Do you eat the cost? Do you try to renegotiate? See what we recommend in “Adjusting the project bid: How to get your money and keep the job.”

Project management skills
If you think that project management planning is an empty academic exercise, you might have something in common with one TechRepublic member who served as the inspiration for a column by TechRepublic contributor Tom Mochal on the value of project management skills. Members have placed more than 70 posts in the discussion related to this article. See if you have something to add.