This past week I received a Vonage V-phone for review. It is a simple device — basically a USB flash drive with Vonage VOIP software on it. You plug it into a computer with a broadband connection and it starts a Vonage soft-phone for you. I’ve plugged it in to three PCs so far and it has worked in all of them.

One notable thing about the device is that it is bright Vonage-orange. It sticks out like a sore thumb-drive. I took some pictures and made a gallery out of it if you want to take a gander at its orangeness.

Some time in the near future I’ll right up a more formal review. I don’t want to give anything away, but the key to the Vonage service isn’t the phone, it’s what you get in addition to the phone.

By the way, I’ll send a famous TechRepublic coffee mug to the first person who posts in the comments below the name of the product referred (probably more accurate to say inferred by) to in the title to this blog entry and the celebrity spokesperson who hawked it.