A recent study from staffing firm  Randstad found that if US workers were to start their career over, IT is the most popular field to switch into. Additionally, over a third of employees deem computer and technology as the most important skills to growing their careers today.

Ironically, although highly sought after by overall employees, those currently employed in the IT industry reported the second to lowest retention index scores when compared to other industries (rating only higher than the HR/recruiting sector) and half say that they expect to be either seriously considering a job offer or accepting a new job in the next six months.

Kind of makes you wonder what’s going on. At first consideration, I thought it was a knee-jerk reaction from a lot of people who are currently deeply enamored of their smartphones and tablets. They’re all thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful to mess around with gadgets for a living? They’re not considering, of course, the headaches and long hours involved in keeping data dealing safe, diagnosing server issues and dealing with people like themselves.

So what would you tell those who responded to this survey about a job it IT?