A 2011 CareerBliss survey says that four out of the ten most hated jobs are IT-related.

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m always a little leery of survey results. For one, the people who do surveys are not always specific as to who was surveyed. The CareerBliss survey, for example, claims to have surveyed “hundreds of thousands” of people but I can’t find anything on their site to indicate the demographics of the people. Where was the survey done, for instance? At a table set up outside CES? And were there no porta-potty maintenance workers around to cast a vote?

Anyway, here’s the breakdown of the results:

1. Director of Information Technology

2. Director of Sales and Marketing

3. Product Manager

4. Senior Web Developer
5. Technical Specialist

6. Electronics Technician

7. Law Clerk

8. Technical Support Analyst

9. CNC Machinist

10. Marketing Manager

What’s striking about the list is that most are well-paid positions and fairly high up in the corporate infrastructure. The issues with the IT positions in particular, however, seem to be with the way their companies are run.

The Web Developers say their “employers are unable to communicate coherently, and lack an understanding of the technology.”

Technical specialists reported that for all their expertise, they were “treated with a palpable disrespect” and their input was not taken seriously by senior management.

Information Technology Directors — although they hold almost as much sway over the fate of some companies as a chief executive — reported the highest level of dissatisfaction with their jobs. Why? “Nepotism, cronyism, disrespect for workers.”

And I think we can pretty much isolate the pain points for Technical Support Analysts as crazy end-users.

So let’s hear from some of you. Do you concur that your jobs are among the worst?