IT Manager diary: Robert Young (Thursday & Friday)

It's the final installment of IT manager Robert Young's weeklong journal. On tap—a meeting with the folks from IBM to discuss a processor install.

This week, IT Manager Republic has featured the daily diary of Robert Young, an MVS Systems Programmer for Capital One in Richmond, VA. He is the technical leader for the OS/390 support team.

7:00 A.M.
After the daily e-mail and voice mail routine, I attend a meeting with IBM. This is a systems assurance meeting to finalize the details of the first processor install, and it lasts most of the morning. Some issues come up that need to be resolved before the install. IBM needs more time than our usual window allows to install and to test the new system. We decide to provide another power outlet at the install site to allow IBM to install and test the new processor during regular business hours. Then when it's time to bring up the new processor, it's just a matter of moving cables from old to new. Tasks are assigned, and we break for lunch.
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1:00 P.M.
I work on some on-call issues and meet with our CICS folks to discuss a problem they've been having on a test system. They appear to have a good handle on it. It involves an apparent change in the default VTAM log mode table, which is not allowing a clean pass-thru from our session manager to any CICS region running on the test system.

The rest of my afternoon is spent catching up on the constant stream of e-mail. I have some "spare" time, so I spend it reading some of the technical e-mail lists I subscribe to. These technical e-mail lists are a great way to learn just by reading. My favorite list is the IBM-Main list, which is a list devoted to anything IBM mainframe-related. Sometimes the discussions get a little off-track and/or a little heated, but 90 percent of the time, the postings are directly related to things we do on a day-to-day basis. If you ask a question on this list, you're likely to get a half dozen answers, all with a different technique to accomplish what you asked. Another excellent list along this line, but more focused on a particular topic, is the RACF-L list. This list is devoted to the IBM RACF Security Server software.

4:30 P.M.
I make final travel arrangements for my trip next week. I'm attending a class at the Charlotte, NC, IBM Education Center. Capital One allows for as much off-site education as is necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing world of OS/390 software. By 5:30, I'm ready to head home for the weekend.

I work a 4x10 flex schedule, so today is my day off. I'm still on call, but it's likely I won't be needed, as our OS/390 systems are pretty stable. I'm looking forward to another peaceful three-day weekend!
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