Way back in May, I asked the TechRepublic community for help reporting tech news. At the time, I thought two bloggers would be sufficient — one person on the West Coast and one person in the United Kingdom. You can imagine my surprise when the flood of e-mails came in, and not just from members in those specific areas. That’s when my plot began to take over the tech news world!

Currently, we have a few outstanding news bloggers, including Paul Mah from Singapore, Arun Radhakrishnan from India, and Andy Moon from Texas. Even though these fellas are covering a lot of the top IT-related stories out there, it’s impossible to cover it all. That’s where you come in — that is, with the help of our new Blog Submission Tool.

Now, wait a sec. Before you log in to the tool and start posting various juicy news tidbits from the tech scene, there are some guidelines that you have to follow:

  • News is “new,” so be sure to focus on IT information that is hot off the press or very recent
  • There must be at least one reference with a link to a news story published by a credible news source (multiple sources are preferred)
  • Explain why the news item matters to IT professionals
  • These news items can be short and sweet, but please don’t use less than 50 words. If you really have something to say about the news topic, feel free to expound, but please try to keep your post under 500 words.

Submissions should use the following format:

  1. Keyword-rich title that describes the post’s main focus and captures the reader’s attention
  2. First paragraph: Summary of the news item and link to the news item’s main source (one paragraph)
  3. Second Paragraph: Quote from the news article you pulled the information from
  4. Three links to other news sources that cover the story (if possible)
  5. Your take on the news story and its relevance to IT professionals
  6. A question that invites TechRepublic members to talk about the topic

To see these guidelines and the format in action, take a look at the current posts in the IT News Digest blog: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/tech-news/.

What’s in it for you? Well, if your submission is spot on, we’ll publish it to the site and acknowledge you as the author — that is, if you’re ready for fame (or sometimes even flame). And then there’s the altruistic satisfaction of keeping your fellow IT peers “in the know.” Oh, and it could turn into a paying gig if you consistently submit great stuff and play by the rules.

Let’s see if you have a nose for IT news. Use the Blog Submission Tool as your platform, and TechRepublic will be your audience.