While leadership is a top reason most people quit their jobs, only 16% of tech professionals point to leadership as their motivating factor for leaving a position, according to a Randstad report released on Wednesday.

The report surveyed nearly 9,000 employees in the UK to determine which business sectors reported the worst leadership. While IT leaders are typically further behind than other industry leaders in soft skills, they had one of the lowest disapproval rates from employees.

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Meanwhile, 21% of HR professionals said they would leave their job because of poor management, indicating the tech sector is doing better than HR in leadership, the report found. Other industries with poor leadership included property and real estate (29%), oil and gas (29%), social work (27%), and hospitality (26%).

“Having the wrong manager can make your working life and a lot less enjoyable – and a fifth of the HR business partners and HR managers say poor leadership is making them consider leaving their job altogether,” Ruth Jacobs, managing director of Randstad Business Solutions, said in a press release. “My advice to HR professionals is, when you’re going for a job interview, don’t be afraid to ask your new boss directly what their preferred management style is. How does it fit with your preferred style? And, if you have more than one interviewer, watch how the hiring manager interacts with their colleagues.”

The importance of strong leadership when attracting a new employee has dramatically increased since 2016—by more than 10%—according to a long-running Randstad poll, which samples more than 62,000 UK professionals.

Professionals across sectors quit their jobs for a number of reasons including unequal opportunities, burnout or disconnection, and lack of challenge. However, leadership is one of the most significant deciding factors for job candidates and new hires, the report found.

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