Here are the top 10 stories that IT leaders should make sure they read from the week ending March 27, 2009:

  1. Intel’s new quad-core Nehalem processors could drive data center upgrades (ZDNet)
  2. Hackers at CanWest: Chrome is hardest browser to exploit, Safari on OS X is easiest (ZDNet)
  3. Tech layoffs in Jan/Feb outpaced all other industries except retail and auto (BNET)
  4. Dell: Global PC demand ‘steady’ (CNET News)
  5. IBM reveals more layoffs in U.S., shifts jobs to India (ZDNet)
  6. Gartner says businesses won’t need to wait for SP1 to deploy Windows 7 (ZDNet)
  7. Obama adviser says more stimulus money should be spent on IT (Network World)
  8. With SIP support, Skype integrates with corporate phone systems (ZDNet)
  9. Google tries to break IPv6 logjam by own example (CNET News)
  10. Washington leaders meet with tech execs (CNET News)

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