Welcome to

CareerCoach, my new weekly blog for Tech Republic.

It seems like there’s a real interest in the subject matter I intend to

address each week – an article I’d written that was featured in September

called ‘10 fatal flaws of a doomed employee’ compelled over 65 folks to make a

comment about what I said.


objective with this new blog is provide you with real hands-on, field tested

tactics you can use immediately to move your career into a higher gear. This is

what I already do every day in my coaching practice with my clients. Some of

the ideas I will discuss in this blog are going to cause a few hearts to race;

and others may simply be common sense to you.

That’s one of the best things that coaching does – helping to get the

client to consider new ways of doing things; and at the same time pushing to

help her or him to reconsider methods and behaviors which may no longer be


In my

opinion, most North American companies are filled with people who are


  • underemployed,
  • undervalued, and
  • not very interested in what they do each

I believe that most managers are

improperly trained to do what’s needed to harness the energy of their staffs

and employees. For the large part those

managers are using management theories which came out of textbooks written for

another time and place.

US business is losing its place of

preeminence in the world because it long ago forgot that people – all of us –

want to do something with our lives that feels worthwhile at the end of the

day. When one gives a crap about what

they are doing, a better result occurs.

Simple. Just not easy.


intention with this blog is to help you have a better career. Regardless of age, position, or gender,

within the obvious constraints of a short weekly blog, I intend to help you to

have a better life. Most of the time I

will provide solid information you can use on the job; but some of the time,

you may come here and find me merely contemplating issues. Either way, you won’t find this blog boring.

Here’s to
your future!