Imagine this… you buy an Xbox 360 when they go on sale later this month, you pop in a game, connect your iPod, and then you can use tunes straight off your iPod as an alternative to the game’s sound track!  How awesome is THAT?!  However, according to this story, “Xbox 360 and iPod interoperability? Sort of,” Apple might create a stink when the new console launches, so it’s unclear how long consumers will be able to use this feature.  

Xbox digital-entertainment executive producer Jeff Henshaw told CNET that the Xbox 360 would be able to stream any standard MP3 file or AAC file from an iPod, but not protected songs purchased through the iTunes Music Store. Those songs, he said, will appear grayed out in menus on the Xbox.

I don’t own an Xbox or an iPod, but I am very excited about the possibilities here… like listening to Nine Inch Nails while playing God Of War. *ohmygoshthatwouldbesoincredible*  If Apple isn’t a party pooper, I may have to seriously consider adding an “X” and an “i” to my list of things I don’t really need but would love to have.