According to this article, a Web site created by a 21-year-old British student was subjected to extortion-based DoS attacks: “Blackmailers try to black out Million Dollar Homepage.”

Alex Tew, the clever creator of, successfully raised $1 million by selling ad space for $1 per pixel. His unique approach to online advertising obviously caught the attention of attackers who wanted to cash in. InfoRelay, the company that operates the site, claims that “The blackmailers have demanded a ransom of $50,000.” Currently, Tew and InfoRelay are working with the FBI on the case.

It truly is unreal that extortionists will go to such great lengths to try to capitalize on someone else’s successes. You’d think that having a million dollar idea would be the most difficult thing, not trying to keep people from stealing your money once you’ve earned it! Oy vey….

Take a look at the notorious Web site,