The bad sleeping pattern is not my fault, I now have a scapegoat. It’s all those electrical appliances that have made me tired. It’s not even as though I am not getting enough sleep, I just “feel” like I am not getting enough sleep — thanks to the Internet.

One of the offenders leading to long-term Internet usage prior to bedtime would have to be YouTube, who this week started advertising over the top of the videos it shows. Will ads over content be less annoying than sanctioned ad space prior to viewing a video? We will all be forming an answer very shortly.

Silverlight now has less to hold over Flash video in terms of technical superiority as of this week. High definition video streaming over the far-from-capable tubes of Australian consumer broadband will make this seem like a pipe dream for some time though. And businesses were worried that Facebook was a waste of time and bandwidth — wait until employees start viewing high definition YouTube videos on the fat work connection, your sysadmin is about to get even more annoyed.

Videos (in standard definition) on Builder AU this week consisted of a tour of the DigiBarn Museum, treating security as an integral part of design, and how social networking is shifting the focus of security education more and more onto regular users rather than solely developers.

In the area of how-tos this week, we took a deeper look into the world of Erlang and peered into the past to revive yet another long dead HTML tag that should stay that way.