From all the hype Google has received over the past umpteen months, it’s no wonder that the company has such big britches. But is bragging really necessary? Check out this story: “Google to Yahoo: Ours is bigger” (

According to the story, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said, “We’re announcing tonight that in terms of unduplicated pages our index is now three times larger than any other search engine.”  Do you think the company is trying to compensate in size what it lacks in other areas?  Do you think Yahoo has index envy?

On a more serious note, I find both companies useful, but in different ways. For search, Google is my one-stop shop… unless I have an IT question – then I search TechRepublic. *looking around for a brownie point*  For free e-mail, instant messaging, my local TV listings, and an occasional music video, I prefer to use Yahoo. Personally, I think they both need to simma down and continue doing what they do best. Of course, the definition of “best” and which company claims it is still up for debate.